Wesley So – Today I played very well against Gata Kamsky

Interview for the World Cup official website

The young Wesley So from the Philippines is the only sensation producer of the World Cup 2009. He beat Vassily Ivanchuk in round two and defeated the previous World Cup winner Gata Kamsky with black. “Honestly I was lucky when playing against Ivanchuk” – starts So – “I admire this chess player and I know that he plays much far better than me. In first game he was in time trouble and maybe that is why I was lucky. The second game was a draw, but Vassily had a real chance to win at some point during the game.”

Q: He mentioned in his interview that you were also playing not that well…

Wesley So: I agree. But today I played very well against Gata Kamsky. I was preparing to the game. I caught him at the opening and he spent a lot of time. I just hope that tomorrow I will be also lucky.

Q: How can you cope with the magic of the big chess names?

Wesley So: I realize that you should do your best in the classical games of each round. If you win one game, you are almost there. Besides, I spend a lot of time for preparations to every single opponent. I train chess for 5-6 hours per day watching the previous games of my opponents. I understand that they are people who can also make mistakes.

world cup Wesley 2

Wesley So

Q: Do you have a special strategy to play in the Cup?

Wesley So: Generally speaking, I am ok if the classical games were drawn. Here the tiebreak goes. To my mind I play tiebreaks better than classical games. But my opponents did not give me any chance to come to the tie breaks.

Q: Tell us about yourself? Your achievement in chess?

Wesley So: I am 16 and the greatest achievement for me so far is the second place in one tournament with average rating about 2700. At the moment my rating is 2640. I dream that sooner or later I will come to the magical point 2700. I don’t know how much time I will need for that.

Q: Are you planning to participate in the World Junior Chess Championship? Or you are not interested to play against the opponents of your age?

Wesley So: It would be stupid of me to think that due to my performance here I became a big shot. In fact to win the World Junior U-20 Championship is my nearest aim in chess. It will be a tough competition. Some of the potential participants of the Championship are here: Negi Parimarjan, Hou Yifan, Sanan Syugirov. I am trying to follow their games here, their openings most of all.

world cup Wesley 1

Wesley So

Q: How can you define your chess style?

Wesley So: So far I play aggressively. I would like to play a solid game with a solid opening. This is what I want. I think my style is close to Vishy Anand. Of course we have different level.

Q: Do you have a personal coach?

Wesley So: Unfortunately I don’t. But I think that the moment is coming: I will need it soon. I would train chess with Sanan Syugirov with pleasure for instance. He is my age. The only problem he does not speak English. Anyway I feel like having an assistant now. Another problem is that chess in not that famous in the Philippines . We don’t get any financial support from the Government. They don’t give money for tournaments, coaches, nothing. Our national federation pays our tickets. That’s it. You realize at one moment that to reach some professional level you need private sponsors. I would be happy with some 20-30 thousand US dollars a year.

Q: This is your first visit to Russia . Aren’t you afraid of cold weather?

Wesley So: I opened Siberia for myself. It is very beautiful place with good people! Yes, it is cold here. But we come from the Philippines, we like to visit countries where it is colder than in our country. Of course truly speaking minus 30 is too much. I like Siberia , but I prefer to stay in my room when it is so cold.

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Judit Polgar – I just can’t live without chess

Interview for the World Cup official website

At the World Cup 2009 Judit Polgar started the competition in the second round – her first round opponent could not come due to illness. “I got an opportunity to have some rest after the trip, for acclimatization and to get some energy” – Judit said – “This was very important before the game against the best Romanian chess player Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu” (ed. note – Judit won that match after tiebreaks 4.5-3.5). Excerpt from the official website.

Q: Are you usually nervous before a game?

Judit Polgar: It depends on my preparation. I think that it is somehow good to be nervous before a game. To my mind if you are not nervous – you don’t care that much on the result.

Q: Who was helping you to prepare for the Cup?

Judit Polgar: I don’t have permanent coaches, but there are people who help me. For instance, it is Lev Psakhis, we have been working for a long time already. Plus, my husband always accompanies me at the tournaments. He is not good in chess as he is in his profession, he is an animal doctor. On the other hand, he always supports me morally, perhaps this is the most important. He likes to watch my games keeping his fingers crossed.

world cup Judit 1

Judit Polgar

Q: We know that you were temporary out of big sport and took care of the family. What made you come back?

Judit Polgar: I cannot live without chess! It is an integral part of my life. I enjoy the game!

Q: Is it difficult to be successful in life and in chess?

Judit Polgar: Extremely difficult! You should be good mother, good wife, and good professional too. To be the best in all! Every day!

I had to give up chess for some period. When my son was born, it was clear that children are most important. So, chess disappeared from my life for some period. But later I wanted to play again and I have been trying very hard over the last couple of years to come back and to become the best again. I am concentrating on chess and trying to work more… I have a lot of ambitions, just difficult to fullfil them all.

Q: Do you follow the women’s chess?

Judit Polgar: Yes, I follow some women’s tournaments and from time to time I participate in them. Women’s chess develops very fast, female chess players become stronger and stronger. But anyway there is a big gap between men and women players. Comparatively few women chess players work on their professionalism, hire coaches, and use the computer base… Perhaps there will be good changes in future. But for the moment professional woman chess player is an unusual phenomenon.

world cup Judit 2

Judit Polgar

Q: Did you teach your children chess?

Judit Polgar: No, they just like to play with pieces. No one will be surprised if I say that my father promotes this. I hope in future they will like to play chess, but I don’t think that they will follow my path. I just don’t have this fanatic energy which their grandfather had.

Q: So, Polgar the father is not eager to grow up another generation of chess champions?

Judit Polgar: Maybe he is. The question is if children and their parents want this. Children take a grandfather a bit differently than parents. And my husband is not delighted that his children will follow my way. He knows well how hard our profession is. Though every profession is hard if to take it professionally.

Q: What do your sisters do now in life?

Judit Polgar: Sofia lives in Israel now. She likes art, paintings. And she teaches chess via Internet. Susan is a co-chairperson of FIDE Women’s chess committee. She likes it. I try to stay away from politics in general and chess politics in particular.

Q: Are you famous in Hungary?

Judit Polgar: Yes, sometimes they recognize me. It started in 1988 when our team won the Olympiad. Though in general chess in Hungary is not that famous. People think they are not smart enough to start learning chess. That is why I excluded chess diagrams from the book about me which has been published in Hungary.

Q: Do they buy your book?

Judit Polgar: Yes, I could not even expect that it will raise such an interest. I can say that with publication of my book I became more popular.

Fabiano Caruana Interview

for the World Cup official website

It seems that this is the first time when Italy has got a player, who to public mind, is able to equally compete with chess elite in the closest future. Fabiano Caruana became famous after his victory in the very strong Wijk aan Zee and his bright performance at the Russian Team Championship. Thanks to these results, he was nominated by the FIDE President to participate in the World Chess Cup.

“I was very happy to receive a wild card from the FIDE President” – Fabiano said – “Thanks to him I got the chance to show myself and I am very grateful for that.”

Q: Today it seemed that you had some problems in your game against the Cuban Lazaro Bruzon… (the interview took place after the 1st game of the 1st round)

Fabiano Caruana: I will tell you more. At one point my position was absolutely hopeless. I could see many positions where my opponent could finish the game in his favor. But Lazaro, to my surprise, did not use the chances… In general, I was very lucky today.

Q: Your impressions about Khanty Mansyisk?

Fabiano Caruana: I could not even imagine how beautiful the city could be. They have everything for good life: good hotels, shops, restaurants. Also, I like very beautiful architecture. It is a bit cold here, but it is not that crucial.

Fabiano Caruana square 3

Fabiano Caruana at the 2008 European Club Cup

Q: For Italian, you speak good English.

Fabiano Caruana: Nothing special. I was born and grew up in the USA. But at some point it became clear that for a professional chess player it is better and more convenient to live in Europe. Here all important and strong tournaments take place. Everything is very close; you don’t have to waste time for travels and acclimatization.

Q: There are no strong tournaments in the US?

Fabiano Caruana: I can only say this: the situation with chess is not that easy in the States.

Q: Do you have a permanent coach?

Fabiano Caruana: I had a lot of them. My first coach – American Brus Pandolfini. He is more famous with his chess books. At one point I had come to the level where I had to ask help from more known professionals. In New York Miron Sher worked with me, in Spain – Boris Zlotnik, in Hungary – Alexander Chernin. With the latter I am still working. Here in Khanty Mansysk my father helps me.

Q: Is he also a coach?

Fabiano Caruana: He morally supports me. This is actually all I need now.

Fabiano Caruana square

Fabiano Caruana during 2008 Corus

Q: You are considered to be one of the most talented young chess players in the world. What ambitions do you have? To be one of the strongest in the world? To become World Champion?

Fabiano Caruana: I am planning to go as higher as possible. To my mind I can go far. I might sound immodestly but I believe I could be the best player. But this is only the matter of time.

Q: Are you famous in Italy?

Fabiano Caruana: I give a lot of interviews and in general I can say that I am famous enough. But it is also clear that my popularity is nothing in comparison with soccer players.

Q: Do you have a Government support?

Fabiano Caruana: Italian Chess Federation annually pays me a salary. But so far I don’t have any sponsors or other financial resources.

Q: You play for Russian club “64″. What can you tell us about Russian chess?

Fabiano Caruana: I can say that I like Russian team. I don’t think one could say something new about Russian chess: it is well known that Russia – is the strongest chess country for a long time. Of course other countries are making big progress, but Russia remains the best.

From the World Cup official website

Yifan Hou Interview

for the World Cup official website

Hou Yifan, 15-years old Chinese, became famous long before the Women’s World Chess Championship in Nalchik in 2008. Being the youngest participant, she managed to go all the way till the finals where she lost to Alexandra Kostenyuk. And in the 1st game of the 1st round of the 2009 World Cup she stood up against the experienced German GM Arkady Naiditsch.

“It was not easy for me in the opening. I had bad position because of my mistake” – starts Yifan – “But at one point I found a way to balance and finally I managed to stand up. In general, I am satisfied with the result.”

“For the moment my only goal” – she continued – “is to play chess as best as possible. I don’t even have a target to become a world champion. The most important is to develop my play. All other will come anyway.”

Q: You had a chance to become the World Champion. Did you take the defeat in the final match hard?

Yifan Hou: No, because Alexandra is a very strong opponent. Besides, at that time she was in very good shape and played better than me.

Yifan 1 Khanty

Yifan Hou

Q: Upon return to China after the World Championship, were you criticized for not being first or maybe praised for finishing on high second place?

Yifan Hou: Yifan Hou: Obviously they want me to win only. On the other hand everyone realized that nothing bad happened. One very strong chess player won against another chess player. Things happen.

Q: There are rumours in the air that Chinese chess players get an enormous support from the Government.

Yifan Hou: Yifan Hou: I can say that chess is popular enough in China and the popularity grows every day.

Q: Did you come here with your coach?

Yifan Hou: Yifan Hou: As you know I am not the only Chinese player at this tournament. We have one trainer who helps all Chinese players. The players who end knocked out also help those who are still in.

Q: It is amazing how good you speak English now.

Yifan Hou: Yifan Hou: Yes, everyone around were telling me that I should speak English, that it is very important for a professional sportsmen. So, I had to work on it more intensively.

Yifan Khanty

Yifan Hou

Q: Russian is not less important to speak for a professional chess player, don’t you think?

Yifan Hou: Yifan Hou: Sure, the only problem is to find time to learn this beautiful language.

Q: Do you have a favorite chess player?

Yifan Hou: Yifan Hou: I had. Bobby Fisher. Unfortunately he is not with us anymore.

Q: And among participants of the Cup?

Yifan Hou: Yifan Hou: Difficult question. Maybe Sergey Karjakin?

Excerpts from the official website

Interview with Sergei Zhigalko

Silver medalist from the 2009 World Junior Championship

Zhigalko sq

Sergei Zhigalko

Belarusian Grandmaster Sergei Zhigalko finished second at the recent World Junior Championship after a close contest with the new champion Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. In an interview with Otkrity Shakhmaty he talked about his experience in Argentina. Excerpts bellow.

OS: What were your ambitions before the tournament?

Sergei Zhigalko: My ambition was to win. I carefully prepared for this tournament for almost a year, because it was my last World Junior Championship, and I wanted to achieve the best possible score. But nevertheless, I am pleased with my result. And speaking about Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, with whom I shared the 1st place in Argentina, ironically, in some sense “I repaid the debt” from the year 2003. Back then, when I became U14 World Champion, I also shared the 1st place … with Maxime, and then I had a half-point advantage in tiebreaks!

OS: Which game was the most difficult for you?

Sergei Zhigalko: It was the 12th round game against my good friend, with whom I even stayed at his home in Armenia, Avetik Grigoryan. He is an amazing person, fluent in Armenian, Russian, English and Spanish, always interesting to talk to and on any topic. The situation before our game was clear – Avetik needed a victory in order to fight for the top three. For me, on the other hand, any result other than defeat, would provide a place in the top three while heading into the final round of the tournament.

13 rounds makes for a very difficult race, and I think you understand how I wanted to secure the place in the leading group, so that in the last round I could safely, without risk, compete for the first place. All these thoughts kept me nervous, it was hard to get rid of them. But as soon as I sat down at the board – they were all gone, and I calmly played this game. Fortuna smiled at me – I won and secured one of the top two places with a round to go.

OS: And what happened in the last round?

Sergei Zhigalko: I couldn’t gain the victory. There are such games, when the pieces are being gradually exchanged and winning chances slowly diminish. It happened in my last game. In order to catch up with me, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave had to beat Dmitry Andreikin, who is a very tough opponent. Dima run into a highly questionable position after the opening, but after one inaccuracy from Maxime he equalised, and it looked like a draw was inevitable. However, Andreikin soon erred again, and the Frenchman immediately used this chance to win and take the Championship on additional criteria.

OS: How do you succeed in achieving such great results? Tell us something about your chess training.

Sergei Zhigalko: There was quite a long period after my win at the U14 World Championship in which I was somewhat unprofessional and, consequently, there were almost no good results, sometimes I even dropped with rating. Then at one point I realized that something has to change, and I started with serious training, including my brother Andrew, sometimes even with GM S. Azarov. But the main work is individual, and it is very important. One should be willing and able to work. It is bad and useless when you’re forced to.

This training was not easy for me, but I have been working according to this system for about two years and it is yielding results – the year 2009 was quite successful for me: a victory in the higher league of the Belarus Championship, winning the international tournament in Holland, the Turkish club championship, a solid result in Aeroflot Open and finally a medal from the World Junior Championship.

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I am constantly in touch with Kasparov

Interview with Magnus Carlsen after the Tal Memorial

Magnus Carlsen

How is the Tal Memorial ranked compared to other super tournaments?

Very, very high. I was glad to play in Russia’s capital in the memory of the great chess player. I liked this tournament not only because the organizers collected almost all strongest players in the world. Similar happens in Wijk Aan Zee and Linares. I was very happy to be in touch with rich chess and cultural traditions in Moscow, and Russia as a whole.

Are you familiar with the work of Tal, who by the way is the youngest world champion?

Of course, I know and have analyzed the games not only of Tal, but also the works and style of play of all world champions and many strong grandmasters.

How would you explain the fact that your first part of Tal Memorial was not energetic? After the strong performance in Nanjing, which you won with big advantage ahead of competition, similar was expected in Moscow.

For a good game to happen should come together at the same time several important components.The first few days I played sick. I was obviously not well and this state I lacked energy. If you do not feel well, you cannot play for the win.

magnus carlsen

It is known that this year you are working with Garry Kasparov?

With Kasparov we had two short sessions in the spring, then trained for two weeks in Croatia in August. Then we worked for a few days in September. But in general we are constantly in touch via email or skype.

Almost all elite grandmasters give great importance to the opening preparation. In an interview you said that you do not like to study opening theory and you only need to get normal positions.

Even in the past I knew how important is the opening. However, only after working with Kasparov I was aware how important it really is. I am young, I was until recently a student, and therefore not very accustomed to rigid and hard work. An opening preparation requires very exhausting work.

magnus carlsen

What is your next competition?

I am playing in London Chess Classics 2009 where I was invited, in the beginning of 2010 I am playing in Corus Wijk Aan Zee.

What are your chances for the World Champion title? Is the current cycle your star moment?

For me more important are short term plans, I do not look that far ahead. What will happen, will happen.

Source: Vremya

Expect interviews and news with Carlsen from the World Blitz championship later today on Chessdom.com

Levon Aronian Interview

I am very surprised that I have won against Anand like that – Levon said


Levon Aronian

Armenian Grandmaster Levon Aronian revealed that his performance at the recently concluded Mikhail Tal Memorial was “uneven” due to illness. Armenia’s best player finished on shared 4-5th place with 5.0 points, together with the world champion Viswanathan Anand.

“After the 4th round game with Magnus Carlsen, I fell ill” – Aronian said. – “And my overall result, even if I hadn’t won the last game, would have been quite good. It is difficult to play with a headache, sore throat, when you have a cold. This situation makes it very hard to compete in a tournament. When I got sick – I didn’t feel like playing chess.”

In the final ninth round Aronian defeated the reigning world champion Viswanathan Anand with black pieces. Anand gave up already on the 25th move. “I am very surprised that I have won against Anand like that. We all have our bad days, there is nothing we can do about it.” – said Aronian.

Source: Regnum

Alexander Morozevich Interview

I do not miss Topalov here in Moscow, or in any other tournament – Morozevich said

Alexander Morozevich sq

The Mikhail Tal Memorial, which is currently ongoing in Moscow, has gathered eight of world’s top ten rated Grandmasters. One of the participants is Alexander Morozevich, who recently won an individual gold medal for the performance at the European Team Chess Championship in Novi Sad. Excerpts from the interview with Russian “Izvestia”.

Izvestia: You were in great shape at the European Championship, but the Russian team did not have enough points to win the gold medal. Isn’t that a pity?

Alexander Morozevich: I have mixed feelings about this competition. Of course, I managed to win three consecutive games in the final rounds. But the shame that the team finished only second is greater.

Izvestia: Now you are playing at the Tal Memorial. How do you estimate the strength of the starting lineup?

Alexander Morozevich: I personally have no doubt that, with such players, this is the strongest tournament of the year. Of course, there are tournaments abroad where the average rating could be a few points higher, but this is usually with four or maximum six top Grandmasters. The organizers had to invest lots of effort to get the highest XXI category with ten participants. They managed to include almost all the world’s best players – eight out of top ten. In addition, we have the former World Champion Ruslan Ponomariov, and Vassily Ivanchuk, who is now slightly lower rated.

Izvestia: Still the highest rated player – Veselin Topalov from Bulgaria – did not arrive to Moscow. His absence did not upset you?

Alexander Morozevich: You know, I will tell you my own, totally personal point of view. I myself do not miss Topalov here in Moscow, or in any other tournament. Granted, millions of chess fans certainly have different opinion on this matter.

Full interview on Izvestia.ru (Russian language). Thanks to e3e5.com.

Danailov about Magnus Carlsen, the match Topalov – Anand, Linares 2010, and the Canary islands

Interview for gong.bg


Silvio Danailov, the manager of the ex World Champion Veselin Topalov, gave an extensive interview for Radio Gong. Chessdom.com brings you exclusively the translation of the interview. Note that the English translation is of the audio version, as it includes more details and important nuances, that are omitted or wrongfully transcribed in the text version.

Mr. Danailov, is the calendar year over for Veselin Topalov?

Yes, the games in Novi Sad were the last of Topalov for this year, from now on we concentrate on Topalov’s preparation for the match with Anand.

Topalov is first in the FIDE rating list.

This is our goal since the World Championship title in 2005, Topalov to be number one at the FIDE rating list and at the same time. The first is already achieved and now we have to aim at the WCC match in Sofia.

Magnus Carlsen is second only 9 points behind Topalov, Anand is third. Any surprises for you in top 3?

Since Carlsen started working with Kasparov, he is progressing as expected. At this moment he has to deal with the psychological pressure to be only 9 points from the top. He is young and talanted, it is expected for him to become number 1 at some point.

Regarding Anand, he is resting on his past success. He is almost not playing now. Let’s not forget he is 40 years old now and it is difficult for him to keep the pace of the younger players. At his age there is not much energy and he is reserving it. The main thing for him is to keep the title, as it gives him privileges.

There is more than half an year to the match, do you expect “blows below the waist”?

I suppose that in the next six months from Anand’s team will make everything possible to require unfulfillable conditions during the negotiations for the contract for the match, in order to make us nervous. They believe the match is more important to us, but in any case the match will take place and no matter what they do, they missed their chance. They could make a bid for India, which to be better than ours. For sure there will be caprises from their side. We have gone, however, through Elista, where it was much more difficult, so we are ready.

The dates for the match are 5th to 24th of April Sofia?

The dates are not sure yet, 5th to 24th of April is the desire of FIDE because Kirsan Ilymzhinov’s birthday is April 5th, and the the President of FIDE wouldlike his birthday to coincide with the start of the match. However, as far as I know, Anand has already requested a change of date for the end of April. FIDE will try to convince him for the initial dates, but anyhow it does not matter. If Anand is firm in his position and does not want to give in, the match can also start in the end of April.

Ilymzhinov likes Bulgaria, several times an year he visits Vanga’s grave and draws energy from there. I expect the final date to be announced during the coming visit of Kirsan Ilymzhinov in Bulgaria in December (the date is still to be confirmed), which is for the signing of the contract and a meeting with the Prime Minister Boiko Borisov.

What are the plans for Topalov’s preparation?

Currently we are selecting coaches and seconds for Topalov. After that we will have training sessions in Spain, they will be in November, December, and January. As he needs practice, for sure he will participate in the Linares 2010 tournament from 13th to 25th of February. There is a theoretical chance that he participates in Monte Carlo as well, but that depends on the dates of the match with Anand.

There will be new names in Topalov’s camp, for now I will keep them secret. It is always good to have motivated people and new ideas, We will have a doctor, psychologist, nutritionist, fitnes instructor. Of course there will be 7 to 10 days rest between the sessions, we will send him to the Canary Islands to regain energy.

What is the role of the nutritionist?

The nutritionist makes a special selection of food and a diet for Topalov. Some foods cannot be mixed, and so on. Such diet begins at least two months before the competition. This is in all sports, not just in chess. Before chess was considered to be only mental sport, but it turns out that without serrious physical preparation it is difficult to endure a whole game. In a match like the World championship every detailcounts.

Currently you are in Spain, how do you evaluate the performance of the team at the ETCC in Novi Sad?

It is a bad performance, the chess team resembles the soccer one, we have one or two good players, and we need at least five. I will rely on Kiprian Berbatov for the future, we had desire to include him in the team, but decided suchstep is premature.

Cheparinov is also not in good form, if Cheparinov, Topalov, and Beebatov play next year we have more chances, but unfortunatelly that is what we have for now, the people that participated do not have the needed class for something more serious.

Topalov has always played for Bulgaria, always with good scores. However, before we had chances for medals, now most teams gained speed, and when there are no chances for medals he is less motivated. In any case he always defends the honor of Bulgaria.

Interview with Anand during Tal Memorial

Anand speaks for Radio Mayak

Anand square 2

How do you find the Tal Memorial

Viswanathan Anand: Generally, the composition of the tournament is impressive. Incredibly strong composition. I am sure this tournament will be remembered in the chess history, I have not seen so many strong grandmasters gathered in one place. I am expecting a difficult struggle literarly in every game. I believe this is the strongest tournament of the year.

The Russian chess school, how to explain the recent failures?

Viswanathan Anand: No, I think that Russia is still one of the strongest chess powers on the planet, I am certain of this. It is just that now learning chess has become easier for people from around the world and therefore it is easier to compete against Russians. But I think that at the last European Team Championship Russians were simply unlucky – they couldn’t win the last win and took only silver medal. I am sure that your country is still one of the best, although now there is no domination of Russian players.

About world championship cycle?

Viswanathan Anand: Well, actually I played with various systems, in matches and tournaments, and it is not easy to form an opinion. Probably it is better to have matches, although, perhaps, there is no fundamental difference. I think that it is very important that the chess world is finally united and that there is only one world champion. It is very important because earlier we didn’t have single answer to the question – who is world chess champion. This was great obstacle for the promotion of the sport and for finding sponsors, and it even hampered organization of tournaments and other events. So the most important thing is that chess world is united.

On the inclusion of chess into the Olympic family?

Viswanathan Anand: Yes, that would be great, if possible, of course. Because in many countries an Olympic sport receives much more in funding. But in many places chess is not considered to be sport, and this is another obstacle before we are ready for the Olympic appearance.

Frankly, I don’t know which stage was reached in the talks with the International Olympic Committee. I think it would be great if chess could join the Olympic family.

Your future plans

Viswanathan Anand: After Tal Memorial I will play in the blitz tournament, then go to India. And then I don’t know, I’ll go on vacation. But in any case, going home to native people is always a pleasure, already that is a holiday for me.

Author – Elmira Mirzoeva. Full interview (Russian language)