2010 match Topalov – Anand is match of the year

Statement of the Hon. Secretary of AICF D.V.Sundar for Chessdom

After the signing of the WCC 2010 match contract in Sofia, the Honorary President of the All India Chess Federation D.V.Sundar sent an exclusive statement to Chessdom.com. Mr. Sundar thanked the participating parties in the organization of the match, and qualified Topalov – Anand as “2010 Match of the year”.

India, 17.12.2009

The All India Chess Federation is happy that the whole process towards the successful conduct of the “2010 Match of the year” has a woderful begining. We congratulate the Bulgarian Chess Federation, the FIDE, the Government of Bulgaria and people of Bulgaria for making it happen.

We are sure that both the Grandmasters will dish out some exciting games for the Chess lovers all over the world to cherish. Let the best player during the fortnight win.

The All India chess Federation wishes the organisers all the best for the success of the Championship.



All India Chess Federation

Sergey Rublevsky – There are no tournaments for me

Interview for the World Cup official website

The Russian chess player Sergey Rublevsky who was knocked out in Round two against Alexander Areshchenko (2.5-3.5) shared his impressions from the World Chess Cup with the journalists:

- It is an enormous tension, – recollects Sergey about his decisive match. – The most terrible for me was the first tie break game. At one point it seemed to me that I am in a time trouble. Then I made a wrong move. In the fourth game I could not properly press the clock – it never happened with me before. In general I did not like the new tie breaks system. It is not right to play 4 rapid games in a row. It is the same as if you would make the football players have additional match after 90 minutes of the main game. And we have to play the next day! As a conclusion I must confess that we both did not show an impressive game. I feel ashamed of myself as well as of my opponent – our game did not look like chess…

Q: Your estimation of the tournament organization?

Sergey Rublevsky: It is better and better with every Cup. The weather, to say the truth, left much to be desired. But it is not that important. It is a pity that I have to leave such a nice city so early. Anyway I am sure that the World Chess Olympiad 2010 in Khanty Mansiysk will be organized on a very high level.

Q: Lately you don’t play much… What is the reason?

Sergey Rublevsky: I have two children, I have something to do (laughing)

world cup Rublevsky

Q: Did you decide to spend more time with your family?

Sergey Rublevsky: No, I just don’t want to play trifling tournaments having 2700. In principle there are no tournaments for me. Opens are not considered by me. I think I should play rare but better.

Q: What is your opinion on the FIDE Grand Prix tournaments?

Sergey Rublevsky: I have no opinion, for I was not invited. I was a reserve player, though my rating was higher than two other participants. What was the system of invitation, I don’t understand by now…

Q: Perhaps per rating average?

Sergey Rublevsky: I don’t think so. I was the first in the reserve list. Two participants refused participation in the Grand Prix series, but other players were included: Rustam Kasimjanov (Uzbekistan), Pavel Eljanov (Ukraine), Evgeny Alexeev (Russia). Only one of them had a higher rating. In general, my opinion is that they should make a clear system for the Grand Prix in order to exclude situations like mine.

Q: Would you like to take part in the FIDE Grand Prix tournaments?

Sergey Rublevsky: Of course.

world cup Rublevsky 1

Q: Are you planning to take part in the Super finals of the Russian Chess Championship?

Sergey Rublevsky: I doubt it….

Q: Perhaps you’d better hire a professional manager who would take care of your business?

Sergey Rublevsky: I don’t think it would help. The calendar has such strong super tournaments like Tal Memorial, for instance. Or “unremarkable” tournaments of which I don’t care. For the players like me, there is only one worthy tournament: in Poikovsky. I can consider “Aeroflot Open” as well . Actually this is all.

Q: Do you work a lot on chess?

Sergey Rublevsky: For the number of the tournaments I take part – it is enough. I try to be aware of all chess news.

Q: You were in a team of Vladimir Kramnik when he played the World Chess Championship. Did it influence your career somehow?

Sergey Rublevsky: I did not improve much, but anyway I did not regret to have had such an experience. It is a rare opportunity to work with great chess players like Vladimir Kramnik and Peter Leko. And I was even paid for getting such experience!

Courtesy of the official website