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Chessdom: Hello Mike! Next year is the 100th anniversary. How will you celebrate it?

Michael Sekuloff: Were not sure a this time , But we may just tie it in with the 3rd Edmonton International Tournament. With a few extra events for the youth, and the adults. We have a lot history behind The Edmonton Chess club and the Alberta Chess Association. Unfortunately, we are missing some of the history from 1908 to about the late 1930′s, and history is kind of scant from the 1940′s to the 1950′s But our Trophies and records of games tell us something about the organization of chess in Alberta in the 20 th century. Some one in our chess communities has more history that we could compile, but we don’t know who they are. Hopefully our new web site will draw some attention to anyone who may have some kind of records.

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Chessdom: Do you feel chess in Alberta is growing these days?

Michael Sekuloff:The promotion of Chess can be difficult, but the ACA has done well over the years. The youth chess population is bursting at the seams. It’s hard to find people who can teach chess for only a few hours during the day. The Math N’ Chess organization can take most of the credit for the strong youth chess scene. Numbers in the Adult population has not dwindled at all, I think it has grown, but daily life does not always let the adults partake in events they general would partake in. There are many of my old chess buddies that don’t play ever often, but try to get out to an event once a year. Once all of the children grow up, the those old chess nuts will start coming back the clubs. That generation of chess players stems from the 1973 to th3 1980 era when Bobby Fisher was around, and beyond. As they get closer to retirement, not only will they come back to the clubs,[as the group of older players did when I was playing at the club years ago] but their offspring mite come as well. Chess is growing in Alberta, as Grand Master Melik Khachiyan said in our Video of the Edmonton International.

Chessdom: Soon we have the Battle of Alberta chess tournament. Tell us more about it.

Michael Sekuloff: The Battle of Alberta is three fold. There is the that football rivalry: Edmonton Eskimos Vs the Calgary Stampeders, Hockey rivalry: The Edmonton Oilers Vs Calgary Flames and now CHESS! In 1996 the Chess Battle was born. North Vs South. The event this year will take place at the Red Deer Hotel in Red Deer, August 18, 2007, and I will be there to film some of it. Results will be posted on our website.



The Battle is fought by the all the best players in Alberta that can make it to the Event. This year we have:

The North

1. FM Blagoj Gicev 2374

2. Rob Gardner 2273

3. Leaf Li 2266

4. Nic Haynes 2229

5. Vlad Rekhson 2185

6. Micah Hughey 2181

7. Sasa Grumic 2177

8. Anastasia Kazakevich 2123

9. Jamin Gluckie 2120

10. Hafiz Karmali 2025

11. Tim Dean 1989

12. Geoff Newton 1883

1st Alternate – Alexander Kazakevich 1635

The South

1. Greg Huber 2323

2. Knut Neven 2299

3. Victor Kaminski 2285

4. Eric Hansen 2231

5. Itohan Gold 2219

6. Daniel Kazmaier 2214

7. Roy Yearwood 2164

8. Martin Robichaud 2142

9. Taco Van Ieperen 2049

10. Jim Daniluk 2037

11. Thomas Kaminski 2016

12. Ravi Trikha 1984

Alternate – Art Milne 1896

The south looks very strong this year, but the North has FM Blagoj Gicev on there side bound to score 2 points.

We will see I guess very soon.

Chessdom: Where will people be able to see the games?

Michael Sekuloff: All ACA games are posted on the site as soon at the TD’s have time to input them. Pas games can be downloaded from the site in zip format. Some games can be viewed on-line. With the re-vamping of the site, all of the games are not yet in one database.

Chessdom: The WCC in Mexico is coming soon. What are your predictions?

Michael Sekuloff: Alexander Morozevich I think is a good bet! I think he wants it! He is going for it!

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