Alexander Morozevich Interview

I do not miss Topalov here in Moscow, or in any other tournament – Morozevich said

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The Mikhail Tal Memorial, which is currently ongoing in Moscow, has gathered eight of world’s top ten rated Grandmasters. One of the participants is Alexander Morozevich, who recently won an individual gold medal for the performance at the European Team Chess Championship in Novi Sad. Excerpts from the interview with Russian “Izvestia”.

Izvestia: You were in great shape at the European Championship, but the Russian team did not have enough points to win the gold medal. Isn’t that a pity?

Alexander Morozevich: I have mixed feelings about this competition. Of course, I managed to win three consecutive games in the final rounds. But the shame that the team finished only second is greater.

Izvestia: Now you are playing at the Tal Memorial. How do you estimate the strength of the starting lineup?

Alexander Morozevich: I personally have no doubt that, with such players, this is the strongest tournament of the year. Of course, there are tournaments abroad where the average rating could be a few points higher, but this is usually with four or maximum six top Grandmasters. The organizers had to invest lots of effort to get the highest XXI category with ten participants. They managed to include almost all the world’s best players – eight out of top ten. In addition, we have the former World Champion Ruslan Ponomariov, and Vassily Ivanchuk, who is now slightly lower rated.

Izvestia: Still the highest rated player – Veselin Topalov from Bulgaria – did not arrive to Moscow. His absence did not upset you?

Alexander Morozevich: You know, I will tell you my own, totally personal point of view. I myself do not miss Topalov here in Moscow, or in any other tournament. Granted, millions of chess fans certainly have different opinion on this matter.

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