Anand and Topalov to play in India, Bulgaria, or Russia?

Baku is also preparing a proposal


In an interview for Yuri Vassilev and Sport Express, the FIDE President Kirsan Ilymzhinov has revealed the true cause of the break in negotiations between UEP and FIDE. The basis of the argument is the branding possibilities that the World Chess Championship offers.

The argument has started over the absence of the logo of FIDE and its later inappropriate size in Bonn. After the nice organization though, the World Chess Federation invited once again UEP to submit a bid, followed by a contract offer. The breach was one more time the FIDE logo / sponsors placement during the event.

UEP President Josef Resch was also interviewed by Sport-Express and on the same subject. Read the full article (for google translated version click here).

Anand – Topalov World Championship

At the end of his interview Kirsan Ilymzhinov commented on the possible venues of the World Chess Championship match between Anand and Topalov. “We are totally calm about the fate of the match. I have already met with the Prime Minister of Bulgaria and will also talk to him during the closing ceremony of Mtel Masters. In addition there is interest from India and a pair of neutral nations, among which Russia,” said Mr. Ilymzhinov. “In addition Azerbaijan are preparing a proposal.”

The FIDE President also commented the words of Silvio Danailov in his interview for Chessdom, “There is a formal condition for the participants in the bidding process, which states the prize fund should not be under certain amount. If it is above that we can only be happy, FIDE will receive more money as well.”

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