I am constantly in touch with Kasparov

Interview with Magnus Carlsen after the Tal Memorial

Magnus Carlsen

How is the Tal Memorial ranked compared to other super tournaments?

Very, very high. I was glad to play in Russia’s capital in the memory of the great chess player. I liked this tournament not only because the organizers collected almost all strongest players in the world. Similar happens in Wijk Aan Zee and Linares. I was very happy to be in touch with rich chess and cultural traditions in Moscow, and Russia as a whole.

Are you familiar with the work of Tal, who by the way is the youngest world champion?

Of course, I know and have analyzed the games not only of Tal, but also the works and style of play of all world champions and many strong grandmasters.

How would you explain the fact that your first part of Tal Memorial was not energetic? After the strong performance in Nanjing, which you won with big advantage ahead of competition, similar was expected in Moscow.

For a good game to happen should come together at the same time several important components.The first few days I played sick. I was obviously not well and this state I lacked energy. If you do not feel well, you cannot play for the win.

magnus carlsen

It is known that this year you are working with Garry Kasparov?

With Kasparov we had two short sessions in the spring, then trained for two weeks in Croatia in August. Then we worked for a few days in September. But in general we are constantly in touch via email or skype.

Almost all elite grandmasters give great importance to the opening preparation. In an interview you said that you do not like to study opening theory and you only need to get normal positions.

Even in the past I knew how important is the opening. However, only after working with Kasparov I was aware how important it really is. I am young, I was until recently a student, and therefore not very accustomed to rigid and hard work. An opening preparation requires very exhausting work.

magnus carlsen

What is your next competition?

I am playing in London Chess Classics 2009 where I was invited, in the beginning of 2010 I am playing in Corus Wijk Aan Zee.

What are your chances for the World Champion title? Is the current cycle your star moment?

For me more important are short term plans, I do not look that far ahead. What will happen, will happen.

Source: Vremya

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