Kamsky, Topalov Interviews by Macauley Peterson

Chess.FM’s Macauley Peterson creating a first hand account of the match

Topalov and Kamsky

Before leaving Sofia, Chess.FM’s Macauley Peterson had a chance to interview both players and create a first hand account of the match…

The audio interview (12 minutes) with Gata Kamsky took place before Friday’s closing ceremony, while Veselin Topalov posed with the winner’s trophy on the same afternoon for a video interview (9 minutes).

Kamsky’s First Interview

Time trouble was Kamsky’s biggest problem, but as any amateur player knows, time trouble itself generally has a psychological root….Kamsky offers a match post-mortem, and finally grants a small window inside his team’s efforts, and the months leading up to the challenge…

Topalov with Trophy

It was not the smoothest performance, but Topalov applied pressure to Kamsky at key moments and exploited his opportunities when they came…Responding to critics of his inclusion in the current cycle at all, Topalov said he realizes that he was, in effect, given a “privilege”, but, echoing a view expressed by FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos at the closing ceremony, he regards it as “compensation” for FIDE’s changes to the World Championship following the match with Kramnik in 2006. He expects no more such privileges…

Macauley Peterson

Macauley Peterson