I will never work with Karpov

Interview with Dvorkovich for Chesspro

Arkady Dvorkovich

Arkady Dvorkovich

In a new interview for Russian media and Chesspro.ru, Arkady Dvorkovich provides more details on the RCF situation. Dvorkovich says he will never work with Karpov who has an unethical behaviour, that Alexander Bakh can no longer work for the Russian Federation and that he should resign, and that he has the support of Vladimir Kramnik as well.

The press release by RCF brought out in some blogs is also a fraud.

Mr. Dvorkovich, I returned from Sofia Friday evening, from Anand-Topalov match and got mixed up in an avalanche of contradictory information. Some press-releases from the Russian CF.. They claim that there was a meeting of the Supervisory Board of the RCF in the Central Chess Club in Gogolevsky boulevard, which officially nominated A. Karpov as a candidate for the FIDE President from the RCF. From other sources I learn that you in your capacity as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the RCF, are saying that there has been no such a meeting. Please tell our readers, what is going on in the RCF.

- – A considerable restructuring has been taking place in the RCF during several months. It started with a letter of resignation of Mr. A. Zhukov and myself from the positions of the President and Vice-President. After that new Statutes of the Federation were prepared and approved at the Congress. The new Statutes stipulate considerable changes in the management of the Federation. This has not been registered yet. Accordingly, new governing bodies have not been operating in full swing. We thought to finalise the registration of the Statutes by the previous week, to enable the Federation start working fully. This did not happen, because of two reasons, in my opinion. First – the people who are carrying out immediate management, did not like the planned changes. With such, these people lose their ultimate control over finances, and over day-by-day management. They had to agree to the common principles of corporate management, which exist in the world. So, these people in fact were staging sabotage of the activities in this direction, in all ways contradicting these changes.

This is the first reason. Second reason – contradictions on the RCF candidate for the forthcoming FIDE Presidential elections. In fact we have a situation with irreconcilable contradictions in respect of the candidate. The Chairman of the RCF Board, elected at the Congress, was continuing to support a potential candidate, despite the opinion of the leadership of the Supervisory Board of the RCF. I mean myself and at least two of my Deputies – A. Zhukov and I. Kogan.

On Friday, 14th May, I called for a meeting of the Supervisory Board – in all accordance with the statutes. According to the Statutes, the Supervisory Board is called and chaired by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. There are no other variations of holding and organising the Supervisory Board.

On the announced address, at the said time eight members of the Supervisory Board have arrived. At the same time the Chairman of the Federation’s Board A. Bakh by misinforming a number of the Supervisory Board members, has gathered 17 or 18 members of the supervisory Board in the Central Chess Club in Gogolevsky blvd, where two great Champions G. Kasparov and A. Karpov. So they tried to have the meeting of the Supervisory Board there.

I would like to underline that due to the statutory provisions either of the meetings cannot be considered as the supervisory Board meeting. It did not take place. In one case – there was a quorum, in the other case – there was no Chairman of the Supervisory Board, who according to the Statutes, has an exclusive right to hold the meeting.

Therefore, any information, declarations regarding the decisions taken by the Supervisory Board and the Russian Chess Federation as a whole, is false, fraudulent and out of reality.

I expect that the persons who in fact violated the acting norms, first of all – internal norms of the Federation – shall incur responsibility. I also expect that they shall resign.

Moreover, if the Supervisory Board had taken place on Friday, if there had been a quorum and all the persons who must be present, had been present, then – due to the fact that the Statutes have not been registered (it is not registered also because of the Chairman of the Federation ‘s procrastination), the decisions in respect of relations with third parties – including the nomination of the candidate for the FIDE Presidential position – could not have been taken.

Therefore on Friday such a decision could not have been taken in any case, even, if the meeting did take place, I repeat.

Also according to the evaluation of the lawyers, the key document (budget) for the Federation’s activities cannot be approved. In fact the activity of the Federation due to the sabotage from the former Executive Direction of the Federation, now Board of the Federation – turned out to be blocked.

- How shall the events be developing ?

- Further I shall undertake all necessary steps in order to register the Statutes of the Russian Chess Federation, approved at the Congress. This shall enable the Supervisory Board meet to undertake all legitimate decisions. I think this can happen in the next few days. At least not later than 5th June. In this case if all goes well, we shall be able to decide on all issues, necessary for normal work of the RCF.

At the same time, I think that the further work of the current management of the Board in the person of A. Bakh is not possible. I do not trust him as head of the RCF. I think that he should resign.

In order to elect a new Board, another Congress is necessary. I am ready for this, in case it is necessary. The Congress can be called on either by a decision of the Supervisory Board, or Verification Commission, or as far as I remember, on a demand of half of the leaders of regional chess Federations. This will find a solution to an existing conflict and guarantee normal work of the Federation.

- Who shall be the RCF Candidate for the position of the FIDE President?

- According to the preliminary conclusion of the lawyers, the nomination of K. Ilyumzhinov by a letter, the way I did it, was possible. Now we are checking it for any legal basis for other actions. If the Supervisory Board takes another decision, then this decision shall also be legitimate. From my point of view (I hope, the Supervisory Board shall support me), in case if any other candidate, including A. Karpov, could provide the nomination of his candidacy from any other Federation, then the RCF should not use the “veto right” stipulated by the FIDE Statutes and block this candidacy. So at least two candidates could run. According to the FIDE Statutes, the same Federation cannot nominate two candidates.

It means that the press-releases which are sent to many address from the RCF…

- … This is fraud, this is deliberate lie.

- Does Mr. A. Zhukov, the Vice-Premier, a candidate for the Russian NOC President support you?

- I have had several consultations with A. Zhukov before the Friday meeting which did not take place. Mr. A. Bakh was also present at these consultations, who there promised to undertake all necessary actions, so that the Supervisory Board took place. But on Friday he deceived us.

Mr. Zhukov supports the letter sent to FIDE on the nomination of K. Ilyumzhinov, and he also, as myself, thinks that we should not prevent Mr. Karpov’s running as a candidate. Their competition with K. Ilyumzhinov is a positive fact.

Our main concern and we are united with Mr. Zhukov on this – is to prevent schism in the RCF.

We need consultations with the Supervisory Board members to reach consent on the way to move forward.

But without prejudice to the fact that me personally or my colleages, hopefully shall not be against the candidacy of Mr. Karpov and his running for the position of the FIDE President from any other chess Federation, I personally consider his behaviour non-ethical and unscrupulous. And I shall not be working with him under any circumstances.

- When I attended a briefing with you, you said that in the World Championship match you shall be for Anand. This was a fantastic match in its pressure and interest, its fate was decided in the last game. Were you following the game? Watching the games?

-I used all chances to learn how the matches are going. Although in the match in Elista Topalov-Kramnik the pressure and interest were not less, but there there had been some events out of chess, and here everything was decided over the board, and the pressure over the board was really unlimited! I am very glad that Anand Viswanathan retained his world champion title, and I am expecting in the future the competition between him and the Russian representative.

I shall be for Kramnik in candidates matches, to go to final and to play a match in Vishy.

By the way my discussion with Vladimir showed that he is fully supporting my position in the existing conflict.

Original interview by Chesspro.ru

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