Frank K. Berry

About chess in the USA

Lately you are the major sponsor of US chess competitions. What got you attracted to investing in chess PR?

I wanted to put Oklahoma on the chess map. Usually the championships are
held on the West or East Coasts…rarely in the Midwest or Central USA. I am
lucky to be in a $$ position to support my favorite hobby to the benefit of my
friends in the Oklahoma and surrounding area.

Your expectations about the FKB Women US chess champonship?

Since Stillwater is 60 miles from the Tulsa or Oklahoma City airports it will be easier
to provide transportation for 10 women as opposed to 36 players as in the FKB USA
Championship held here in May and won by Shabalov. Best would be to hold event
in Tulsa or Oklahoma City near an large city airport where the hotel has shuttle service.

What will be the next Frank K. Berry event after the FKB Women US chess champonship?

We will hold a 5-SS two day in the same location next day after the FKB US Women’s Ch.
We hope some of the women will stick around for that. Local players like to play against
strong women players with FIDE titles. It’s different. Spices up the event.
We will also hold a 10-SS six weeks later in Stillwater spread over 4 days. 2-3-3-2.
That would be Aug 31, Sept 1, 2 3.
It remains to be seen if I will sponsor the 2 championships again next year in Oklahoma….

How do you see the future of chess in the USA?

Unfortunately the long term trend is down regarding number of USCF memberships due to the internet
and lack of success in keeping kids interested in chess as they reach their late teen years.
There may be no easy solution to this problem.