Humpy Koneru interview

Humpy Koneru will participate in the Women World Chess Championship in Nalchik

Humpy Koneru managed to win Pia Cramling in the third round and thus to go up the last line of the tournament table. She told why she always travels with her father, what is the emblem sewed on her blouse and why she likes Russian climate.

Was it difficult for you to collect yourself after two defeats and to win?

Humpy Koneru: It was a difficult game because I made mistakes in time trouble. But then I managed to pull me up. Concerning defeats it is the first time in my career when I lose two games one after another in the women tournament.

You do not often take part in women competitions. Why?

I often play in open tournaments and prefer playing with men because I do it better. But it happens not because there is a difference between play with men and women. It just happens so.

What are your plans for the near future?

I am going to take part in the World Women Championship that will begin at the end of August in Nalchik. So I will come to Russia again.

How do you feel in Krasnoturinsk?

It is my second time here and I like it very much. The climate is super.

But it has been raining for the second day.

Yes, I prefer cool weather. It is always too hot in India.

Would you like to visit Russia in winter?

I played in the world championship in March in Russia. It was still snowing. And it was a very interesting experience for me.

You have an interesting emblem on your blouse. What is it?

It is the emblem of the national gas corporation that is my sponsor already more than one year and a half.

Your father accompanies you here. Do you always travel together?

My father taught me to play chess and he is still my coach. That’s why we are always together.

How will you spend your day-off?

I didn’t think about it. But I heard that the organizers prepared something interesting for us.