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Thematic week at Chessdom

Update Monday 18

After a great weekend with Jan Werle and Michael Roiz, today we present you the other side – chess journalism! We have two fantastic interviews. The first one is with David Glickman, aka DG of the BCC Weblog, presenting the big community of chess bloggers. DG is the best person to ask because he is following 200+ blogs. We also have Peter Doggers from Chessvibes, talking about his recent tour around Europe and Chessvibes itself.

Go to our interviews section and enjoy!

Mihajlo Stojanovic

Werle 2

Suat Atalik

Kiril Georgiev

Valjevo chess tournament is entering in its most interesting phase having Karpov, Roiz, Ivanishevic, and Atalik on first place. While following the games you will be able to enjoy a thematic week at Chessdom! It will be interviews week!

We start with one of the current leaders of Valjevo 2007, Michael Roiz. Or should we say just Roiz since his name is pronounced differently in every country (Maikul, Mihael, Mihail, Misha). Find out more about the current leader here or at our interviews section.

We also had an e-mail interview with GM Jan Werle! He shares his experience from Lodi, where he has won his second tournament after Hoogeveen 2006.

David Glickman, the guru of the chess blogosphere, is sharing his views and experience with the chess blogging community.

Starting Monday we will have available interviews with GM Suat Atalik, GM Kiril Georgiev, GM Susan Polgar, Chessvibes editor Peter Doggers and… Silvio Danailov! Danailov has not spoken since Mtel Masters. One of his last interviews was when we talked to him about the Grand Slam. Now Talin meeting (June 23-24) is coming and we want to hear his expectations from the encounter. We will also try to get in touch with Kramnik, so that we hear the other side of the story.

In the end of the week we have scheduled interviews with Mihajlo Stojanovic and another one of the Valjevo leaders, Ivan Ivanisevic. Until now Karpov has been concentrating on chess, but we will also try to speak to him.

While reading the interviews, you may also enjoy the live commentary and game analysis by IM Kalin Karakehayov. IM Karakehayov is one of the teachers in the “Chessdom online chess training academy” that will also feature IM and WGM Martha Fierro and IM Miodrag Perunovic. The academy will start in a few days. We will keep you updated on the development. If you are interested in online chess training, drop us an e-mail.

Kalin Karakehayov

IM Kalin Karakehayov
(ELO 2443)

Martha Fierro 2

WGM Martha Fierro
(ELO 2339)

Miodrag Perunovic

IM Miodrag Perunovic
(ELO 2368)

We will not forget upcoming tournaments as well. Foros starts today (Svidler, Ivanchuk, Jakovenko, Shirov, Rublevsky, Domínguez, Sasikiran, Nisipeanu, Van Wely, Onischuk). Previews will be available for Ikaros Chess Festival, First Saturday July, Chess Festival Voronezh 2007, etc.

Stay tuned for updates!