Interview with IM Ioan Cristian Chirila

he shared second place at the Memorial Georgi Tringov

The 30th open chess championship of Bulgaria “Memorial Georgi Tringov” took place February 02-08 in Plovdiv. More than 200 players from 7 countries, 13 GMs and 17 IMs took part in the competition. It was won by GM Valentin Iotov with 7,5/9, halfa point before the chasing pack.

Second place was shared by 9 players. The most impressive was the performance of the young Romanian talent IM Ioan Cristian Chirila. Just a few months ago he grabbed the U16 World Championship title. Here is an exclusive interview with IM Chirila a round before the end of the competition.

Georgi Tringov Chirila Kolev

IM Ioan Cristian Chirila (right) against GM Kolev at the Memorial Georgi Tringov

Chessdom: Good afternoon, Mr. Chirila! We are happy to see you here In Bulgaria. Have you been in Bulgaria before? Do you like Plovdiv?

Chirila: Yes, I like Plovdiv very much but I’ve never been in Bulgaria before. This is my first time here. I was in the centre. I like it most at night. It’s really nice.

Chessdom: Eight rounds of the tournament have already passed and your score is not bad at all.

Chirila: Yes, I definitely have a good tournament so far. Tomorrow I hope I will win and I will take some of the first places.

Chessdom: We hope so. Which was the most interesting game so far?

Chirila: I think the most interesting game was that against Nevednichi from Romania. That game I lost. I had a good position and then I missed something and I lost. You know, as they say you can learn more from the losses than from the wins.

Chessdom: A few months ago you grabbed the World Championship U16 title.

Chirila: It was my best tournament in my life so far. I just had some luck but I was in good shape. Everything went good and I won the title.

Chessdom: What do you do in your leisure? What other interests do you have?

Chirila: First of all, I go to school. I like to go out with my friends. I like football and sometimes we go out to play. And other ordinary things. Like every teenager.

Chessdom: Do you have a favorite chess player?

Chirila: I think Garry Kasparov is my favorite chess player. I really like his style.

Chessdom: What is your next tournament? Would you take part in the European Championship here in Plovdiv in April?

Chirila: My next tournament is the Romanian national championship for men. After this tournament there will be the championship for my group- boys under 18. I think I will be here in Plovdiv for the European Championship but I am not sure. I hope I will take part. It will be very strong tournament.

Chessdom: Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you good luck in your next tournaments!