Ivan Cheparinov looking forward to NH Tournament

Exclusive interview for Chessdom

A few days before the start of NH Chess Tournament, GM Ivan Cheparinov gave a telephone interview for chessdom.com

Chessdom: Hello Ivan! How are you?

Ivan Cheparinov: Fine, thank you! I am currently in Spain.

Chessdom: A few days ago you participated in Villarrobledo Chess Festival. Tell us more about the tournament there.

Ivan Cheparinov: Villarrobledo was a strong and at the same time interesting tournament, but there was no pressure. I am sorry that I could not win, but that is how rapid chess goes – you must have some luck. I had chances for first, but I lost in the last round.

Cheparinov unhappy 1

Ivan Cheparinov at Corus

Chessdom: At the moment a new challenge awaits you. Soon you are traveling to Holland.

Ivan Cheparinov: Yes, that’s right, in Holland I will participate in NH Chess Tournament – Rising Stars vs Experience. The tournament is a qualification for Monaco rapid and blindfold. The best player from the Rising Stars will participate in the 2008 edition of Monaco.

Chessdom: Who do you think will be your strongest opponent?

Ivan Cheparinov: The experienced players have higher average ELO. However, the real battle is between the Rising Stars for the place in Monaco. In that sense probably the strongest opponent will be Karjakin. It will be tough, but I hope I will win.

Chessdom: How do you prepare for NH Chess Tournament?

Ivan Cheparinov: At the moment I am practicing with Veselin Topalov. In Holland with me as a coach will be Silvio Danailov.

Cheparinov Danailov

Ivan Cheparinov and Silvio Danailov

Chessdom: What software do you use during the practice sessions?

Ivan Cheparinov: It is not a specific one, it is a combination of programs. But of course, the most important is Rybka. There are two reasons: first, it is the strongest program and World Champion, and second, it is the one that gets closest to human style.

Chessdom: Thank you and good luck in Holland!

Ivan Cheparinov: Thank you, good night.

Ivan Cheparinov after winning Sigeman