IM Manuel Leon Hoyos

An interview with the young talented IM

Manuel Hoyos

IM Manuel Leon Hoyos

Congratulations for the Mexican Championship! You were the best placed Mexican player in the tournament. How does it feel to be in front of so many GMs?

I feel great about what I have achieved, especially since I also scored my first GM norm! What I most liked about the tournament is that I played beautiful games and the spectators enjoyed as well.

Are you still far from the 2700+ club?

It may seem far, but I am working my way towards it; discipline and constant studying are what I believe I need to reach even greater heights.

When and where is your next event?

I think I should finish up my GM title norms, so I will participate in two strong tournaments. The first one is from the 17th to the 28th of May – El Capablanca in Memoriam in La Habana, Cuba. The second is Zonal Championship of the Dominican Republic from the 30th of May to the 10th of June. It is a qualification for the World Cup.

The World Championship will be in Mexico. There will be other events at the same time. Will you participate in any of them?

Of course I will!! I will attend also the opening of the World Championship, the whole of Mexico is anxiously waiting for the event, I am sure it’ll be fantastic!

Chess in Mexico is developing every day. Will Mexico be a chess super power in the future?

Chess fever in Mexico is spreading quite fast. Thanks to the dedicated support of chess promoters as Mr. Jorge Saggiante, to whom we owe the dedication and the idea of bringing the World Championship to Mexico, the level of chess in Mexico is increasing exponentially.

Which training method do you prefer – with computer, with books, or with a coach?

I have always loved reading magazines and browsing chess portals like, since they always have interesting facts and reviews of decisive tournament games. With books, I also learn a lot and the computer helps me do my work. I didn’t have the opportunity to have a trainer, but I have friends with whom I share my studies and my experiences, which is very useful, as it aids to my learning process.

What do you think of the Sofia rule?

From my experience, I came to the conclusion that the Sofia rule is an excellent idea, as it helps the promotion of the tournament. Also, the players develop a high level of fighting chess in each one of the games and, of course, the audience is enjoying nicer games.

Thank you very much Mr. Leon Hoyos and good luck on the way to the GM title.

A friendly greeting to all chess fans and all the visitors of Chessdom

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