Interview with Michael Roiz

For Politika newspaper, by Aleksandar Stanic

The least known player for Serbian public is 23-years old Israeli GM Michael Roiz. Aleksandar Stanic interviewed the quiet youngster from Beer-Sheva.

Q: This is your first time in Serbia. What are your impressions?

A: I feel very comfortable in Serbia. People are open and friendly. I particularly liked Valjevo Museum.

Roiz Iordachesku

Iordachescu and Roiz analysing

Q: How popular is chess in Israel?

A: We have many strong players with only 6 million inhabitants. However, chess is stagnating in Israel, more popular are football and basketball.

Q: Your name is international. How do you exactly pronounce it?

A: In Russia they call me Misha, in Israel Mihail and in Europe Michael, like if it is English name.

Michael Roiz

Michael to move

Q: How did you start playing chess?

A: My father taught me the rules when I was 6 years old. Three years later we moved to Israel. In Russia I was 2nd in U10 group and later vice-champion in European U16 championship. I became Grandmaster when I was 18 years old. My favorite players are Fischer and Kasparov.

Q: What do you expect to achieve in Gorenje 2007?

A: I just want to play the best I can, have some nice games and enjoy.

Valjevo day 8 Novinar Politike

Aleksandar Stanic, reporting for “Politika”

Questions by Chessdom reporter:

Q: Is this your first invitational tournament?

A: Well, not really. I already played round-robin in Saratov few years ago and one in Beer-Sheva. But this one is definitely stronger and I am very happy that I was invited.

Q: Have you played any of these players before?

A: No. I have seen them at various tournaments, Gibraltar for example, but we never met over the board.

Q: Were you pleased with your Gibraltar performance?

A: I couldn’t say pleased, but ok, I played well and tied 5th place.