Interview with Natalya Pogonina

Pogonina speaks about North Urals Cup

After an exciting game of Pogonina and Cramling, the press-attache of the tournament WIM Anna Burtasova managed to talk to the only Russian participant and to find out her opinion about her own play, impact of the day-off on the mood and competition in friendship.

Natalya, today you had a very perspective position.

It turned aside from the key course. Probably Pia wanted to play tight after the defeat. At some moment I played very actively (е5) and got the opportunity to sacrifice pawns. Pia somehow lost the thread of the game and I got the advantage. Her position looked doubtfully; I mean weak Pawns, opened King etc. At some moment I thought I could win.

How do you feel after the day-off?

On the one hand everybody waits for the day-off as the possibility to have some rest, on the other hand the rhythm is changing and it may even bother. It is difficult to say what impact had the day-off on me, as I could play better today.

On the conference you were the only to say that you wanted to win the tournament.

I just said what everybody thinks but does not say aloud for some reasons. Of course every participant wants to win. We must be honest. Despite the fact that I had the lowest rating here, I think about victory.

north urals cup stefanova

Pogonina and Stefanova in Krasnoturinsk

How do you spend your free time in Krasnoturinsk?

I play dices. It is a favourite game of many chess players. It helps to abstract from the tournament, to have some fun.

You know most of your opponents. Does the competition influence personal relationships?

As for me, it has no impact. When you play with somebody, it’s one thing, how you contact apart from games, it is another thing. Even if I lose to somebody it doesn’t mean that I will ignore this person in the evening.

What are your chess plans?

I will play in the team in the national league of Montenegro. Then I will take part in the intellectual games in China.

Certainly other participants of the “North Urals Cup” will be there too.

Of course, all of them are the world strongest chess players.

How do you estimate your play in the tournament till this moment?

I am balancing but have some strength reserve. I struggle till the last minute and use all chances even in bad positions. The fact that I haven’t played for 3 months probably affects me. I finished the faculty of law in the university. But I think my play is improving.

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