Radjabov speaks about the match with Kramnik

Interview about the tiebreak

Mtel Masters Radjabov 2

Q: The victory was very close. How much were you influenced by the incident with the clock?

A: I try to remain calm. Indeed, I was 5-10 seconds away from the next round, but now what to think about this? In the first blitz game I was successful, it really lifted my spirit, the second game was also developing in my favor. Well, you know what happened next.

Q: This worked in favour of the opponent?

A: With all due respect to Kramnik, this incident was more in his favor than in mine. One can argue on this subject. I think I had done everything that depended on me, I cannot say that I played badly, moreover I felt the victory is close, just no luck. After the incident I immediately remembered the footage of basketball finals at the Seoul Olympics, when USSR beat USA with a direct hit in the last second. In sport, anything can happen.

Q: You have been preparing for the Candidates for the last six months. Do you now feel that the time is wasted?

A: I have no regrets. What could I do? Today, a broken clock, tomorrow a chandelier will drop.

Q: Speaking of the supporting team, who were your assistants?

A: I would prefer not to disclose this and have it remain a mystery. I can only mention GM Igor Nataf with whom I worked for a long time.

Q: What is expected from semi-finals?

A: Now we have a somewhat unusual situation. For example, Kramnik might have expected to meet Aronian, but now he will face his compatriot Grischuk. Gelfand was probably thinking of Topalov, but he will now play against Kamsky. Their teams will probably have to make special preparation.

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