Interview with Silvio Danailov regarding the match Kamsky – Topalov, May 20, 2008 Mr. Chernenko promised several times to present his bid. Yuri Vassilev published an article regarding this, but until now I could not find official information by FIDE. Is it official?

Silvio Danailov: It is not official because simply there is no money.

Vassilev said they were on the screen of the bank?

They are just in his imagination. I think Vassilev has just repeated the words of Chernenko.

He did not check it himself?

How can he check it himself? The only way is to call FIDE and FIDE to confirm if money is there. The thing that amazes me is that Chernenko claims he has wired the money. When you do a bank transfer, the bank gives you a document that is called “Swift”. And when you have this “Swift” it is clear that the money will arrive. Such document in this case is missing, so I doubt the money has been transferred. In my opinion he is searching for the money or someone has promised him the money, but they are delaying him.

Or he is playing some game that I cannot understand. It is not normal to say since April 11 that you will transfer the money. Today is May 20 and money is not here. There is no such bank transfer that takes more than a month. There is no “Swift”, there is nothing.

Yuri Vassilev is a good minded journalist that who believes Chernenko 100% and whatever Kamsky’s manager told him, he is publishing.

Mr. Ilymzhinov is denying and Mr. Chernenko says, “The FIDE president knows the situation and that is why he understands me”

Ilymzhinov believes in what Chernenko says. Ilymzhinov wants this to happen, it is a good option – neutral country, big prize fund. This is an option that is ok for all sides – for us, for FIDE, and for Kamsky’s team. As you can see we have never protested against this. We could have made a big scandal, but we do not do it because we also hope this can happen. The question is, how much time can we wait?

The Bulgarian Chess Federation published a protest letter several weeks ago.

They are protesting because “deadline” has the same meaning in all languages. You cannot set a deadline and than change it on several occasions. It is not serious. When you have a deadline you have to respect it.

So what will be the actions from the Bulgarian side from now on? Kamsky declines to play in Bulgaria and if the Ukranian bid fails the match has to be in Bulgaria.

First of all, many people have the wrong impression that we have requested the match to be in Bulgaria. There is no such a thing. FIDE asked us to do the match because there were no candidates. We asked how much is the minimum prize fund, and they told us about 200 000. We thought about it and accepted.

For me organizing such an event is very difficult. I have to lose about 6 months. That is why I wish very much the Ukranian bid to happen.

If Ukraine manages to provide the documents and do the bid we will say “Houray!” But if they fail to do it the only valid bid is the Bulgarian one. In that case, if Kamsky does not want to come, FIDE will substitute him with Shirov. There are rules and there is no place for a discussion. Shirov will play and life goes on.

Do you have a personal deadline or a deadline of your patience?

I can wait a little bit more, but if FIDE wants the match to happen November 26, I cannot organize it in 3 months. I need at least 6 months to prepare, this match is very serious. If things continue this way, we may retreat our bid as well and we will let the organization to FIDE. We are ready to play this match anywhere, except Russia.

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Interview by during the international meeting of Bulgarian media in Madrid. Translation: