Interview with Vera Nebolsina

Nebolsina is U20 World Chess Champion

vandoeuvre Boyarchenko Marie

Vera Nebolsina with her friends
Marie Boyarchenko and Anna Rudolf

Frederic Sellier: Hello Vera! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Vera Nebolsina: Hello, my name is Vera Nebolsina, I was born on December 16th, 1989 in Tomsk, Western Siberia. My parents and I now reside in Novosibirsk, a city in Siberia. At the moment, I have Elo rating of 2348… And I am currently student at the Moscow State University where I learn English and Chinese…

Frederic Sellier: When and how did you learn to play chess?

Vera Nebolsina: My mother Tatiana taught me the rules of chess when I was about 4 years. She also taught me how to play other games, such as “Go”, cards, and draughts. I have played in many tournaments since I started participating at the age of 6. Now my coach is my father Valery, a Chess Master as well.

Frederic Sellier: How was your chess journey so far?

Vera Nebolsina: My first success was when I became Russian U7 champion. Next I was 1998 World Champion and 1999 vice-champion for girls under 10 years of age. The most recent was title of the World Junior Champion with 10/13 in Yerevan (Armenia), played on last October.

Frederic Sellier: What is the best memory from your career as chess player?

Vera Nebolsina: The best memory is from my childhood: my victory at the World Championships in Spain Oropesa (1998). And of course, my recent consecration in the last World championship in Armenia (Yerevan 2007) …

Frederic Sellier: How many hours daily you devote to chess study and how would you best define your chess style?

Vera Nebolsina: I practice chess approximately 6 hours per day … I am a positional player but also a tactician!

Frederic Sellier: Who is your favorite player?

Vera Nebolsina: I like Jose Raul Capablanca, Gary Kasparov, Judith Polgar, Vishy Anand and Bobby Fischer.

Frederic Sellier: What is your main character trait?

Vera Nebolsina: It is not easy question :-) … but perhaps my main trait is that I have perseverance in getting to the point.

Frederic Sellier: And your principal weakness?

Vera Nebolsina: My main shortcoming is that I am often pressed both in life and also behind the chessboard!

Frederic Sellier: Do you have another hobby?

Vera Nebolsina: I like literature and history (I have already read “The Three Musketeers” and “The Conte of Monte-Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas and “Mysterious Island” by Jules Verne), and I know by hard the Shakespeare’s sonnets, fairy tales of Pushkin and “Sermon of the Mount.” And I also like to listen to music!

Frederic Sellier: What are your future challenges in the short and medium term?

Vera Nebolsina: My next challenge is Capelle la Grande (16-23 February 2008) and my main tournament for this year will be the next World Championship that I actively prepare for.

vera nebolsina

Vera Nebolsina at the Vandoeuvre open

vandoeuvre vera nebolsina

Nebolsina with black against IM Cyril Marzolo

vera nebolsina

Working hard during a tournament

vera nebolsina

Vera Nebolsina, only 10 years old, but ready for a serious game

vera nebolsina

vandoeuvre Boyarchenko Marie

Vera with her friends Anna Rudolf and Marie Boyarchenko

vera nebolsina

vera nebolsina siberia

Vera Nebolsina currently lives in Novosibirsk

vera nebolsina

The next participation of Vera Nebolsina is at the Cappelle la Grande chess tournament

Interview by Frederic Sellier, photo courtesy of Vera Nebolsina