Interview With Xu Yuhua, Women World Champion

by Press office of the 2008 North Urals Cup

In 2006 Xu Yuhua, Grandmaster from China, became an all-round female world champion. She was leading a confident struggle during the tournament, and, as a result, did not leave any chances to the opponents, having beaten Russian Alisa Galiamova. Now Xu Yuhua is ready join the battle for the North Urals Cup.

- This is not your first visit to the Urals. What are your impressions of the region?

- I like it very much here. I’ve been to Yekaterinburg, and it is my second visit to Krasnoturinsk. The people here are very friendly. They radiate warmth and kindness. I was very glad to see the people that I’ve already met among the organizers.

- In 2006 you became the world chess champion among women. What were your impression of the victory?

- I was very happy and proud of my country and people. It was one of the best moments in my life. At that time I was going to become a mother, and the victory at the Championship made me twice happier. But the time is passing by. And the sky is the limit. I should move only forward.

- In which large competitions did you take part after the World Championship?

- In 2007 I took part in the European Club Championship held in Turkey. I played for the Russia club AVS that became a runner-up. I enjoyed playing for this club very much. I have good relations with my team mates and coaches.

This year at the Russian Club Championship I played for another Russian club Spartak, Vidnoe. We also became runners-up but we should have become the champions. It was my fault. I lost in a crucial game. But I hope that in the future I will improve.

Xu Yuhua 1

Xu Yuhua

- Share your feeling expecting the Women’s World Chess Championship in Nalchik this August. How do you evaluate your chances to win?

- I am not in the position to make predictions. I’d like only to say that I will try to do my best and show my best chess but I don’t know what the outcome will be. A lot has changed during the last two years. I have become a mother. During a year I was taking care of my son and family. But now I am coming back to chess.

- In one of the interviews you mentioned that Anand is your idol in chess. Do you have any idols among Russian chess players?

- Among Russian chess players I like the play of Alexander Morozevich. He has a lot of interesting and exciting matches. Among women I’d like to mention Alexandra Kosteniuk. In 2001 I played her in a semi-final of the World Championship. She is a very strong player. I know that she is in a similar position. After birth of her child she is gradually coming back to chess. In general, intelligence, excellent tactics and persistence are characteristic features of Russian chess players.

- This November the Chess Olympiad will be held in Dresden. Are you going to participate in it?

- I am not sure that I’ll go there. The time will show. But in general, regardless of the fact whether I will take part in it or not, the Chinese team has very good chances to win.

- In 2005 you already took part in the tournament “North Urals Cup”. Describe your impressions of that tournament.

- I enjoyed the competition very much. Last year I was taking care of my little son, and it prevented me from visiting your hospitable town. That is why I was very happy to get an opportunity to come here again.

- And the last thing, please share with your fans what we can expect of the tournament “North Urals Cup 2008″?

- It is impossible to predict the course of events. I think the players will play interesting and tense chess. As for me, I will try to play excellent chess, and make my fans happy.

Elena Golovushkina

Press-centre “North Urals Cup – 2008″

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Introduction by Anna Burtasova